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Enscape for Mac now shipping for SketchUp

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Architects and designers can now visualize designs in real time on the Mac platform

Real-time rendering software Enscape is now available for the Mac platform, compatible with SketchUp 2021 and 2022.

As a direct plug-in to the push/pull modelling software, architects and designers now have access to Enscape’s integrated real-time visualization and design workflow

The initial version of Enscape for Mac offers real-time visualization via the Enscape rendering window; real-time walkthrough to navigate rendered projects in walk, fly, and perspective modes; export options for still renders, 360-degree panoramas, and web standalone; visual settings, and a material editor that uses height maps to adjust textures and increase the level of realism.

Users also get access to the Enscape Asset Library, which includes more than 3,000 ‘high-quality, low-poly’ 3D models, including accessories, vegetation, people, furniture, and vehicles.

Virtual Reality (VR) is not currently supported.

“The release of Enscape for Mac now brings a truly integrated real-time visualization workflow to the Mac platform. Many customers have helped develop this product through our open beta program, and they are excited to now have the choice of two great platforms: Windows and Mac,” said Petr Mitev, Vice President, Visualization Product Group at Enscape.

“We are thrilled that our SketchUp users can now enjoy this popular real-time rendering software on the Mac platform. Enscape’s Mac version integrates directly into SketchUp, and no syncing, importing, or exporting is required. We know our Mac user base will be excited to now be able to seamlessly design and visualize their models in real time,” said Hugh McEvoy, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Trimble.



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