NEWS: Small-to-medium AEC firms targeted with new productivity tool

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Synergy cloud service focuses on project accounting, project management, and collaboration

Australian software developer Total Synergy has launched Synergy — a new cloud business and project management application for architects, engineers and construction (AEC) professionals.

Synergy is intended to help small-to-medium AEC businesses improve profitability, task management, workflow and collaboration.

Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne said the new product was designed to meet the changing needs of the AEC sector globally.

“Approximately 95 percent of global AEC businesses have fewer than 25 staff,” said Osborne.

“We developed Synergy to enable this majority to untether from their offices and desks through a pure cloud software application. Synergy is designed to help all small-to-medium AEC businesses identify where they are profitable, manage their work and documentation, and collaborate with industry colleagues and clients on the same platform… without adding the significant cost and complexity found in bigger systems.”

Synergy dashboard

The driving force behind Synergy is to help the AEC industry find more time for design, which Mr Osborne said was a key challenge for small-to-medium AEC professional services businesses.

“A simple example of immediate time savings is from one of our recent beta trials: a structural engineering company of four people saved one-and-a-half days of time in just invoicing after only one month… that’s one-and-a-half days back for the managing director who does almost everything in a firm that size.”

Synergy offers three core function areas for AEC design businesses: project accounting, project management, and collaboration. Features include timesheets, invoices, projects, project portals, and document management.

Synergy work breakdown

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