NEWS: Arithmetica challenges point cloud thinking

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The forthcoming V2 release of Pointfuse melds point cloud and vector geometries

Arithmetica says its forthcoming V2 release of Pointfuse represents a major change in the way that point cloud data is automatically converted to three dimensional vector models.

According to the company, new techniques in Pointfuse V2 mean that models are not only optimized to produce realistic geometry, but they enable shapes to be isolated and manipulated in third party software to a much greater extent than before.

“Point clouds are heavy,” said Arithmetica’s Mark Senior. “As 3D imaging systems become more sophisticated, they quickly capture increasing amounts of data; this can present problems for the end user. How often have we spent time on data management and presentation issues, rather than actually using the data for its end purpose?”

Arithmetica says Pointfuse V2 allows users to generate a structured model automatically and uniformly in a matter of minutes, regardless of the source of the point cloud. Unlike meshing techniques, the vector geometries produced by Pointfuse V2 are separated along natural break lines or edges, which, according to the company, make them easier to manipulate in a wider variety of design or manufacturing software. This, explains Senior, allows the end user – an engineer for example – to spend time modelling a pipe and its components so that it will connect to an existing structure rather than needing to also digitise that existing structure in the point cloud.

Pointfuse V2 will be previewed at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) held in Denver, 22-24 February, ahead of the official launch in April at SPAR 3D, which takes place in Texas on 11-14 April 2016.

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