NEWS: Digital Node introduces four new BIM training courses

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Focused courses cover BIM Fundamentals, BIM Management, BIM for Executives and ISO 19650-1 and 2 Concepts

Digital Node has launched four new training courses designed to provide essential BIM knowledge, know-how and skills. Through these new courses, the global BIM specialist, that works with many high-profile international organisations to implement in-house digital construction processes and practise, is looking to take its expertise to a wider audience.

This new set of four courses has been developed and written by Digital Node’s in-house digital construction team and covers essential BIM delivery, through to the strategic level of BIM implementation and process improvement.

Plus, Digital Node has the latest details on the new ISO 19650 standard marking the transition from the PAS 1192 series to international standards.

Details of the new courses can be found below.

BIM fundamentals

There are huge skills shortages in the BIM world including the fundamentals of BIM regarding terms and definitions, and the key processes which support a BIM project. This two-day course aims to support individuals in the design, construction and operation of built assets to understand basic BIM terms and definitions. It will introduce delegates to key BIM standards and documents supporting their specific region, aligned to the globally exemplar UK BIM Learning outcomes framework and explain BIM information management and the key processes for successful project delivery and evaluates how the importance of asset and facilities management are crucial in a BIM process.

BIM management

The process of BIM management relies on a dedicated team with the right skills and experience, and can apply to a project or organisation. This two-day course is a practical view of how BIM Management can be applied using a consistent framework, demystifying the role of a BIM Manager. Delegates will learn to manage a BIM project and allocate clear roles and responsibilities, defining what documents are required across a project such as a BIM Execution Plan and model production and delivery table.


BIM for executives

This half day course aims to support the BIM implementation at the very highest level of an organisation, specifically for CEOs and CFO level individuals. Typically, professionals at this level within an organisation don’t have the time to learn about the finer details of BIM; they want the reasoning and drivers contextually. Few education courses touch on the business benefits of BIM, which is why Digital Node believes this course fills a gap tailored to the needs of top level executives. This course is also offered via a ‘Virtual Classrooms’, set up for those who want to learn more about BIM in the comfort and privacy of their own office without having to physically attend a training course location.

ISO 19650-1 and 2 Concepts

As the industry sees a marked increase in the use of BIM in the global built environment, there is still a basic need for an understanding of standards, specifications and methodology. When the PAS1192-2 specification is replaced with ISO 19650-1 and 2 later this year, there will be a lot more to learn on how this will affect the delivery of building and infrastructure projects. This course will be available from November 2018.

The first round of the new Digital Node training courses will be held in London, UK and Sydney, Australia in September and October 2018.

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