NEWS: Elecosoft adds VR capability to cloud BIM system

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IconVR to aid design, planning and specification decision making in construction industry

Elecosoft has added a VR capability to its cloud-based building information management solution, IconSystem. IconVR joins spherical photographs to create a ‘fully-immersive’ 3D walkthrough that can be viewed on desktops, smartphones, tables and VR headsets.

According to the developers, the software makes it easier for remote teams to collaborate, as well as allowing users to investigate, inspect or give a tour of any space. It can be utilised for an array of functions including training, inspection and progress reporting.

Since IconVR launched, a major retailer has adopted the virtual reality technology across its network of sites. It allows them to send a 360° camera to store managers without a layout drawing, enabling them to capture and survey their stores at ‘minimal cost and maximum efficiency’.

Planned enhancements to IconVR include adding a layer of intelligence to the virtual environment, allowing users to click on an item, which will re-direct them to the associated datasheet. This has the potential to link to performance, facilities management and asset related data.

“As virtual reality becomes more sophisticated we envisage a world where project managers will step into an environment where they can make design, planning and specification decisions without having to travel to the site itself,” says Lee Batchelor, managing director at Elecosoft IconSystem.




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