Tridify and Unity collaborate to bring BIM models into Unity game engine

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Cloud service uses IFC files to create optimised models, complete with BIM data, for real time viz, VR and AR applications

Tridify has announced a partnership with Unity to deliver Tridify Convert, a new cloud service that helps Unity developers streamline the process of bringing BIM models into the immersive, interactive Unity game engine environment without losing the richness of the BIM data.

The service takes Industry Foundation Class (IFC) files and delivers UV-mapped and optimised models ‘regardless of the project size’. There are several automated features including material mapping, colliders, and lighting generation.

“We have a deep understanding of BIM and the AEC industry having used Unity to develop our own AEC visualization application over five years ago,” said Juha Alanen, EVP of Sales at Tridify. “Our R&D team recognized that by working with Unity, we could deliver a solution that would automatically streamline the process of delivering UV-mapped and optimized architectural models to XR-ready 3D files. Together, with Unity, we are solving the problem of repetitive, slow, and error-prone re-modeling.”

Billard Leece Partnership (BLP), a multidisciplinary Australian practice that combines architecture, urban planning and interior design, has used Tridify Convert on a 125,000sqm hospital project, taking the BIM model into Unity with all the data attached. “Instead of taking weeks, the automated conversion took a matter of minutes and because the data was now available in Unity, the advanced search function meant that we could collate all objects in a couple of clicks. This allowed us to perform mobility clearance checks using Unity’s Pathfinding in a matter of minutes; typically we might spend a week on this function alone,” explains Adrian Esdaile, Senior Project Architect/BIM Manager, BLP. 

Bevel, a Seattle-based firm that creates advanced virtual and augmented reality experiences for AEC clients, will be using Tridify Convert to for construction site augmented reality QA/QC tools as well as virtual reality design tools. “Being able to easily bring in the Revit model to Unity, in all of its detail with the associated BIM metadata, has changed the way we work,” says Bevel’s Creative Director Simon Manning. “Previously, this simply wasn’t possible for large scale, open-ended building projects. Once in Unity, we’re now able to click on a feature such as a wall and bring up all the associated metadata straight out of Revit, accessing the information architects or engineers have designed into a space, without any extra work.”

Last month Autodesk announced a partnership with Unity designed to help data flow more freely between select Autodesk products and Unity’s real-time 3D development platform.


While the Autodesk / Unity partnership should, in 2019, deliver very tight integration with Autodesk products including Revit and 3ds Max, Tridify Convert is available now and works with a much wider range of BIM tools, including ArchiCAD, BricsCAD BIM, SketchUp, Allplan Tekla Structures, as well as Revit and others that support the IFC format.

Tridify Convert is available in the Unity Asset store

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