NEWS: HoloBuilder links 360 reality capture solution to Autodesk BIM 360

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Integration designed to eliminate duplicate work and workflow interruptions and increase efficiency

HoloBuilder has partnered with Autodesk to make its 360 reality capture solution for construction teams more tightly integrated with Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management platform

The cross-platform integration is implemented utilising Autodesk Forge technology and allows users to add issues to the BIM 360 platform from within their HoloBuilder project.

According to the developers, the connection between immersive 360-degree construction documentation and issue management also allows users to virtually walk the construction site and create issues at the same time, without ever needing to leave their desks. Created issues are also linked to their position within HoloBuilder’s documentation so that users can easily find the affected area and understand the context.

The integration also works the other way. Users can add documents, like sheets and floor plans, from BIM 360 to the HoloBuilder environment, to help ensure that any documents used within HoloBuilder are up to date.

“I am excited for this partnership as it allows us to connect and streamline construction project workflows,” Mostafa Akbari, CEO of HoloBuilder. “We have built HoloBuilder from the ground up to save time for our construction customers around the world when capturing reality and sharing this with stakeholders. As we now provide access and a connection to the BIM 360 construction management platform, this eliminates duplicate work and interruptions in the overall workflow, resulting in further efficiency gains.”


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