NEWS: Thinkbox shows off Sequoia at SPAR conference

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Standalone tool enables point cloud processing and meshing for AEC users

Thinkbox Software used last week’s SPAR International conference in Houston, Texas to preview Sequoia, its AEC-focused software that converts point cloud data into geometry.

Sequoia is described as a robust standalone application for point cloud processing and meshing, compatible across OS X, Linux, and Windows platforms. Its multi-threaded technology uses modern multi-processor systems and is said to handle data processing asynchronously to ensure interactivity even during heavy calculations.

Thanks to an out-of-core design, Thinkbox says Sequoia can also process data successfully even if the system memory prevents data from being loaded all at once.

Additional features of Sequoia include:

Hacksaw meshing: creates multiple meshing tasks to process very large data sets as smaller spatial regions with lower RAM usage. Distributed meshing is also supported via Thinkbox’s Deadline software for render farms or the cloud.

Mesh resampling: Direct mesh-to-point conversion allows creation of a continuous water-tight mesh, enabling what Thinkbox describes as faster production of 3D printable models.


Image projection: Colour information is projected onto a mesh, allowing users to alter texture or lighting separate from the scan itself.

Sequoia is currently in development and is looking for beta testers. It will be released to the public later this year.

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