NEWS: PlanGrid construction software adds all-in-one RFI feature

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Cloud-based collaboration and project document control solution to help streamline, manage and track RFIs

PlanGrid, the cloud-based platform designed to help AEC professionals share construction information including drawings, markups, progress photos and site issues, has introduced a new all-in-one Request for Information (RFI) solution.

The developers say the new cloud-based feature can seamlessly handle the processes of asking about a problem, sharing the RFI and answering the RFI.

RFIs can be created directly from and references added, including photos, snapshots, or attachments. A status, a sent date and due date can then be set and assigned to one or multiple team members.

To help ensure accountability and track changes, PlanGrid records every edit to the RFI and all edits are viewable in the RFI history. Smart filters in the RFI log help support quick access to and tracking of RFIs. Users can post RFI responses directly to drawings so they can be visible to the whole team.

The RFI dashboard in PlanGrid. From this view, users can filter RFIs by different criteria to help view and create reports on the specific RFIs they want to work with.


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