NEWS: Pointfuse links to Autodesk BIM 360

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Integration will allow ‘as built’ data to be easily compared to design data to reduce clashes

Pointfuse has integrated its point cloud to 3D mesh model conversion software with Autodesk’s BIM 360 project delivery platform. The integration is designed to allow ‘as built’ mesh models, which are significantly smaller than equivalent point cloud datasets to be easily incorporated into BIM workflows managed with Autodesk BIM 360.

“The integration of Pointfuse with BIM 360 bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds and allows a far more connected and efficient construction process,” says Sarah Hodges, Sr. Director, Construction Business Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk. “When reality capture data is exported to BIM 360, Pointfuse models allow easy comparison to the original design at each stage of the building process and puts all the project data into a single platform, breaking down silos that currently exist among various technologies.”

“Crucially Pointfuse as built models will help with the avoidance of design clashes. This is important since, industry-wide, it is estimated that each identified clash could save up to $15,000 on a large-scale project,” added Jon Boyce, CEO of Pointfuse.

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