NEWS: Bentley acquires reality modelling specialist e-on Software

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Bentley subsidiary will provide visualisation tools for natural environments to help engineers and architects put proposed designs in context

Bentley Systems has acquired e-on software, a specialist in the creation, simulation, and integration of natural 3D environments featuring elements such as trees, skies, and terrains.

One of the company’s key design-focused products is LumenRT, which is designed to bring quick, high-quality ‘movie production’ to the architectural and engineering market. It is integrated with Bentley’s MicroStation-based product and other CAD software.

“With LumenRT, users can enliven their designs with a full complement of environmental elements such as moving people, breeze-animated plants, rippling water, windy skies, and man-made objects such as vehicle simulations and traffic,” said David Burdick, formerly e-on vice president of marketing and now Bentley Systems industry executive, visualization. “The ability to couple Bentley’s infrastructure solutions with LumenRT provides an unsurpassed ability to craft more environmentally coherent designs while streamlining the ability to communicate winning design stories to all stakeholders.”

Bentley Systems Executive Vice President Ray Bentley added, “I have spent my working career advancing the quality of 3D representations of infrastructure. But there’s always been something missing – the ability to immerse designs within their dynamic context and natural environments, conveying their operational and aesthetic qualities. With LumenRT and our recent acquisition of Acute3D ‘context capture’ software – which automatically generates 3D reality meshes from digital photographs – we can now enable all of our users to readily take advantage of ‘enlivened’ reality modelling!”

Other e-on software products include VUE, which is used for creating rich and realistic digital nature environments, and PlantFactory which is dedicated to the accurate modeling of dynamic, wind-animated plants.

The company’s software tools have been used in the making of numerous blockbuster films, including Minions, Jupiter Ascending, How To Train Your Dragon, Avatar, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Hugo, and Terminator.


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