NEWS: Pointfuse scan-to-CAD models shared on Sketchfab

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Arithmetica hooks up Pointfuse software to 3D file sharing platform to aid collaboration

Arithmetica is using the Sketchfab 3D file-sharing platform to help users share textured 3D CAD models created from point clouds inside its Pointfuse software.

Once uploaded to Sketchfab, models can be shared and viewed in Sketchfab’s 3D viewer that uses the WebGL JavaScript API to display 3D models. Models can be embedded in any web page or shared on other platforms, including Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook and LinkedIn.

“We have some of the quickest, easiest to use and most technologically advanced software for the creation of highly detailed, accurate 3D textured models,” commented Mark Senior, Pointfuse Development Manager. “By utilising the power of Pointfuse we can quickly export, upload and display our 3D textured models using Sketchfab. More importantly, we can easily share and allow users to collaborate and explore the 3D content on desktop web pages or mobile devices.”

So far, Arithmetica has shared a number of 3D models created from the millions of individual measurements recorded by laser scanners. These models include the interior of a Byzantine Church, a detailed model of a turbine and a city centre hotel – converted using Pointfuse Pro from a 700 million point dataset recorded by Belgian based RealVisuals.

Pointfuse software allows engineers, architects and construction professionals to convert vast point cloud datasets generated by laser scanners or photogrammetry into high fidelity vector models.

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