NEWS: Revit-based Scan to BIM software enhanced

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New features designed to provide new functionality and eliminate time consuming modelling tasks

Scan to BIM 2016.1 is the latest version of the Revit-based point cloud software from IMAGINiT Technologies.

The new release has two key features.

Create Mesh provides the ability to model complex items, such as gargoyles or church steeples, which the developers say were previously difficult and time consuming to create. This could be useful in remodelling, renovation and historic preservation projects.

Auto-Find Walls eliminates the need to model walls one-at-a-time. It allows architects and designers to select specific areas of a model, a building level or section of that level, and automatically differentiate walls from other surfaces in that area. The feature can also be used to automate the process of reviewing walls and confirm the wall type (i.e. brick, wallboard, etc.) and convert detected walls into Revit elements with one click.

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