NEWS: VR Drop and Share looks to simplify collaborative VR

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Free to use platform allows up to six concurrent users to share 360-degree rendering experience

VR Drop and Share is a new free to use platform from VRcraftworks that allows AEC firms to upload 360-degree photos or renderings, then view in solo VR mode or in a shared VR space with up to five others.

In shared VR mode, the platform can be used for collaborative design review or to showcase proposals to clients from anywhere in the world. A presenter controls the experience and, when moving to the next 360 rendering, everyone moves with them.

To aid collaboration, participants can see exactly where the presenter is looking, by seeing a transparent cursor in their VR view. Communication with distributed teams is facilitated through voice over IP, which is built into the system.

The system works with mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard, but participants do not need a VR headset to follow the experience. Instead, they can use a smartphone or any Internet connected device.

VR-optimised 360 renderings can be produced in a number of AEC focused applications including ArchiCAD, Revit and V-Ray.


Renderings are static, so do not give fully interactive VR experiences offered by the likes of Autodesk Revit Live, IrisVR Prospect or Enscape. Renderings can be uploaded to the system by dragging and dropping into a web browser and sharing a URL. No plug-ins are required.

VR Drop and Share is available on Android and WebGL web-based viewing with iOS support coming soon. It is free for occasional use, but monthly plans remove ads and increase the number of projects / images that can be viewed.

VR Drop and Share offers an easy way to share 360-degree renderings

All images courtesy of Aukett Swanke, an international architectural and interior design studio based in London.

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