NEWS: Introspective Systems Announces SIMplexity Launch

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A new application for project teams to gather, store, and manage information in a central, interactive database

Introspective Systems, the developer of the SIMplexity™ suite of architectural software products, has released SIMplexity Launch LT.

The software enables architects to manage project information so that they can make more informed decisions while tracing information and requirements from projection inception to completion.

Architectural programming and early concept design impacts overall sustainability performance more than any other design stage. The SIMplexity software tools help the concept development team identify key performance objectives early in the design process, and validate initial design assumptions so that the selected objectives are met by project outcome.

SIMplexity Launch LT enables architects to uncover and prioritse the underlying goals of each project, and create a road map from inception to completion:

• Capture data associated with a project in any format – email, video, images, databases, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more.

• Connect each piece of information to its role within a project – owner request, regulation, LEED target, or any user-created category – to gain a 360-degree view of the project.

• Identify parameters, requirements, and metrics of projects and visually explore conflicts prior to design.


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