Perega Carbon Calculator

Perega launches Carbon Calculator for ‘sustainable engineering’

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‘User friendly’ tool designed to help clients assess the whole carbon footprint of their projects, from inception to completion

UK structural and civil engineering consultancy Perega has launched a CO2 accounting tool – The Carbon Calculator – to help its clients assess the whole carbon footprint of their projects, from inception to completion, and make greener material choices for a more sustainable built environment.

The Carbon Calculator has been developed by the firm’s dedicated, in-house Net Zero Carbon Group and uses a ‘sophisticated algorithmic framework’, analysing material emissions data to achieve lower-carbon outcomes.

The calculator ‘seamlessly integrates’ with Revit models, offering what Perega describes as a comprehensive carbon impact assessment.

The software offers real-time comparison between different schemes, to identify lower carbon options, identifies high embodied carbon elements, and highlights potential changes for improvement.

Through a ‘user-friendly’ dashboard it presents ‘concise and informative’ carbon impact assessments based on specified material types and volumes.

“With the built environment responsible for 40% of global emissions, the imperative for lower-emission practices has shifted from optional to essential,” says James Washbourne, digital engineering lead, Perega. “Our Carbon Calculator makes another step towards achieving more sustainable projects. Moving away from manually crunching static spreadsheets to a predominantly automated process means better pinpointing of carbon hotspots and empowering our clients to make correct material substitutions during the design phase, without compromising on quality.

“Ensuring user-friendliness was crucial, our clients are incredibly busy and need to be able to read and understand the data quickly to make informed decisions. As such, we developed the calculator to deliver clear and simple comparisons for effective decision-making”.



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