The Wild releases Oculus Quest support

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Support for standalone VR headset extends reach of team-wide VR collaboration for architecture and design

Architecture focused VR/AR collaboration platform, The Wild, has launched support for Oculus Quest, adding Facebook’s new standalone virtual reality headset to its growing list of supported devices.

Oculus Quest is an all-in-one VR headset. It is different to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in that it is completely standalone and doesn’t require an external computer to power it.

The major benefits are portability and cost ($399) making it ideal for team collaboration, but because it is mobile it doesn’t have the same processing power as a desktop VR setup, therefore making it better for smaller, more optimised files.

A lot of factors affect file size, including textures, the scale of your model, complex geometry, and the way your file is set up.

The Wild is a VR/AR collaboration platform that allows users to experience 3D models at scale. Architects and design teams can meet in real time in The Wild with up to eight people, fully synchronized, from ‘anywhere in the world’. The Wild offers native sketching and annotation tools and offers native support for SketchUp and Revit. The software is cross-platform as well—users can access The Wild from VR, iOS, or desktop (macOS and PC). The team’s content lives securely in the cloud, so it’s always accessible and up to date on any device.

The Wild for Oculus Quest is available now to qualified teams on a request-access basis.


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