Cintoo streams laser scan mesh data into Unreal Engine

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High-res meshes can be compared to BIM models to address QA/QC workflows for construction

Cintoo is developing a new cloud-client solution that will allow mesh-based laser scans to be streamed from the cloud directly into Unreal Engine.

The idea is to create ‘rich, immersive experiences’ that mix as-built scan data with as-designed CAD and BIM models to address QA/QC workflows for construction.

The technology uses Cintoo’s Cloud platform that turns terrestrial laser scans into high resolution meshes that are 10 to 20 times smaller than the source scans and include multiple levels of detail. The datasets are ‘fully cloud compatible’ and can be streamed to a WebGL browser on desktops, laptops, tablets and VR headsets.

The development is being funded in part by Epic Games, who has awarded Cintoo with an Epic MegaGrant’ as part of a $100 million program designed to help firms and individuals accelerate work done with Unreal Engine.

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