Treble launches sound simulation platform

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Allows architects and engineers to design and optimise the acoustics of buildings through visualisation and sound

Treble Technologies has launched a sound simulation platform that allows architects and engineers to visualize the acoustics of building designs and simultaneously hear exactly how the environment will sound in real life.

The cloud-based platform uses a proprietary wave-based simulation technology, which according to the Icelandic startup, offers a level of accuracy and reliability that was previously unobtainable in the architectural and engineering fields. It can accept geometry from SketchUp Pro, Rhino and Revit via a plug-in.

The Treble platform has been in an open beta testing phase leading up to the launch, where architectural firms such as BIG Architects, Henning Larsen, engineering consultancies like COWI and material manufacturers like Saint-Gobain have been using the platform to improve their design processes.

Henning Larsen worked with Treble on Uppsala Town & City Hall in Sweden to help ensure the renovated and expanded building was fit for purpose from a sound perspective. For instance, the expansive glass façade, although visually stunning, sparked a lot of uncertainty about the way it would impact the building’s soundscape.

By using Treble’s technology, Henning Larsen was able to experiment with potential solutions, such as the use of different materials. Ultimately, this testing led the firm to the realisation that the façade needed perforated wooden frames to turn the wall into a giant sound absorber, improving the building’s overall acoustics.

In Norway, engineering consultancy firm COWI utilized Treble to great effect to investigate and shape the acoustical performance of an open plan office in their office in Stavanger. See VR demo below.

“Sound has a major impact on people’s health, well-being, productivity and ability to communicate, and yet the world today is plagued with noise and low-quality sound experiences,” said Finnur Pind, CEO and co-founder of Treble.


“For too long, engineers and designers have lacked the necessary tools to harness the power of sound, and design great sound experiences. With Treble, users can now visualise how their designs will look, as well as listen to how the acoustics will manifest, and do so in an efficient manner.”

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