Guide: Visualisation for Revit and beyond

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Architects now have access to a wide range of powerful visualisation tools that allow them to go from Revit to a visually-rich real time environment at the push of a button.

With AMD Radeon PRO workstation graphics cards architects can enjoy a fully interactive experience, even with the most complex of models.

In this FREE 4-page guide:

  • Discover how real-time tools are changing the way architects think about design viz.
  • Learn how to navigate scenes in real-time or render out the highest quality stills and animations.
  • Find out why fully immersive VR brings a whole new dimension to architectural projects.
  • Learn why GPU hardware ray tracing is taking realism to new levels.
  • Discover five tools for real-time visualisation in AEC.
  • Learn why display resolution is so important.
  • Find out how to match AMD Radeon Pro GPUs to different visualisation workflows.

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