News: IMSCAD and OCSL stream Revit from the data centre

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HP Moonshot with Intel Iris Pro Graphics said to deliver local workstation performance from the data centre for CAD users

Graphics virtualisation specialist IMSCAD has teamed up with OCSL to offer a new data centre solution that delivers 3D CAD to remote clients. The new solution, which is said to deliver local workstation performance from the data centre, is primarily focused on the UK AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sector for users of applications like AutoCAD and Revit.

Most current solutions for running graphical applications from the data centre use virtualised Nvidia GRID technology. However, this new solution from IMSCAD and OCSL uses the HP Moonshot system with Intel Iris Pro Graphics, a GPU technology that is embedded inside Intel Xeon CPUs.

Each HP Moonshot system can host up to 45 cartridges, each of which is effectively a mini workstation with its own CPU, GPU, RAM and SSD storage.

Each CAD user connects to a dedicated mini workstation in the data centre over a direct 1-1 connection, meaning firms don’t need a hypervisor. Either Citrix Xen or VMware Horizon View can be used to deliver the desktop and Apps.

“We see this as a real ground breaking solution for the AutoCAD and Revit user community,” said Adam Jull, CEO of IMSCAD. “Less complex and easier to manage than a fully virtualised VDI solution. Embedding the GPU on the CPU silicon really delivers excellent performance to the user.”

IMSCAD is currently offering a free demo of the technology. For more details register at



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