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Graphisoft shares Archicad benchmarks for Apple M3 silicon

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MacBook Pro with Apple M3 Max reported to be up to 3x faster than Intel-based iMac

Graphisoft has published Archicad benchmark scores comparing the new Apple Macbook Pro with Apple M3 Max silicon to older generation Apple computers, including a Mac Studio with an Apple M1 Max, Mac mini with Apple M1 and iMac with Intel Core i7 .

According to the company, compared to an Intel Core i7-based iMac, the new M3 Max chip is up to 2.5x faster at opening files, up to 3x faster in section generation and display, up to 3x faster in documentation layout update and display, up to 2x faster at rendering with Cineware and Redshift engines.

For the Archicad benchmark tests, the company used three different model sizes: a 343 MB residential project model with 1,014 3D elements, a 530 MB commercial project model with 19,965 3D elements and a 2.26 GB stadium model with 94,944 3D elements.

As one would expect, the performance leap from Apple M1 and Apple M1 Max silicon is not as large, but still significant. No comparison is made with Apple M2 silicon. The full benchmark results can be seen here.

“I upgraded from the best possible 2019 16″ MacBook Pro to the latest and greatest 2023 16″ M3 MacBook Pro. The M3 is amazing,” said Jared Banks, AIA, principal, Shoegnome Architects.

“I love how fast Archicad 27 runs on it, and the battery life is incredible. I measure houses and build Archicad models at the same time.

“With my old laptop, I couldn’t go long on-site in Archicad with the computer unplugged. Now, with my M3, I can go for hours. It’s incredible.”



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