Naviate Zero

Symetri launches Naviate Zero

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Revit add-on focuses on sustainable building design for ‘full Lifecycle Assessments’

Symetri has launched Naviate Zero, an Autodesk Revit add-on for sustainable building design to address the need for reduced embodied carbon and CO2 emissions.

The software helps designers and engineers to calculate emissions, make informed, eco-conscious decisions directly within the Revit platform and use the data in full Lifecycle Assessments.

Naviate Zero focuses on the early stages of a building’s life cycle, by helping architects to make informed design and material decisions.

Users can can create an early building lifecycle assessment (LCA) on their design directly in their Revit model. They can add, change and remove data on their Revit families and materials, and see the changes as they work.

Users can compare EPDs and CO2 values to help make the right selection for their projects and connect them to different families and materials. CO2 data can be visualised with pie charts and tables by category or material.

The software builds on Symetri’s strategic partnership with One Click LCA, a global platform for lifecycle assessment, environmental product declaration, and sustainability.

By utilising One Click LCA’s databases, Naviate Zero provides architects and designers direct access to global building material data.



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