NEWS: From Revit to VR in two clicks with Autodesk LIVE

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Autodesk launches new beta release of its interactive design viz service that support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

In July, Autodesk introduced Autodesk LIVE for Revit, a cloud-based service that brings your Revit models into an interactive game engine environment in just one click. Now, with the latest LIVE release (currently in beta), a second click will take your building design into virtual reality (VR) using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift Head Mounted Display (HMD).

As discussed in AEC Magazine’s Virtual Reality for architecture beginner’s guide, this type of push button workflow promises to change the way VR is used in design. By putting control into the hands of architects and engineers, rather than CG specialists, it should help teams make spatial design decisions earlier on in the design process – at the exact moment they can have the biggest influence.

Autodesk says that current LIVE subscribers automatically have access to the new VR beta. For new users, LIVE remains available on a monthly subscription basis. Autodesk has also extended the free trial period to 30 days.

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