NEWS: Microdesk presents streamlined BIM to AM workflow

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Free whitepaper offers guidance on how to smoothly transition data from Revit to IBM Maximo Asset Management environment

Microdesk, a specialist provider of engineering and technology solutions to the AEC industry, has published a white paper entitled “Transitioning BIM Data to Asset Management”.

The free 22-page report offers guidance on how to transition ‘as-built’ BIM models to an asset management environment so they can be used by facility maintenance staff, for building operations and maintenance.

The white paper focuses on transitioning data from Autodesk Revit to IBM’s Maximo Asset Management environment and how Microdesk’s new ModelStream application can be used to synchronise data between the two.

According to Microdesk, rather than deal with the time consuming process of manually populating a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), ModelStream can be configured in a matter of hours and assets synchronised in just a few minutes. The software enables owners and facility managers to access all space, asset, and maintenance information from a ‘single comprehensive enterprise asset management system.’

Microdesk has offices throughout the US and recently opened its first office in London, England.

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