3D Repo previews new 3D planning tool, PlanBase

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Browser-based software designed to help increase engagement on proposals for construction and infrastructure projects

3D Repo is developing an open-source 3D planning tool for construction and infrastructure projects that aims to democratise the planning process and drive participation and engagement across all groups of people.

PlanBase runs in a web browser making it easy to review and comment on planning proposals directly, rather than having to use email which planners then need to collate and analyse manually.

PlanBase is based on 3D Repo’s cloud-based Digital Construction Platform for collaboration in the AEC industry, but has had the engineering complexity stripped out to deliver a ‘clean, simple to use interface that anyone can engage with’. Users can zoom in and out of different 3D views from city-wide proposals all the way down to street/pedestrian level.

According to 3D Repo, PlanBase will help local communities get a better understanding of planning proposals and the impact not only from the finished buildings but also construction. It can also help increase understanding of the wider narrative within the context of the whole city including public transport.

For GLA and Local Councils, 3D Repo says it will improve engagement with local communities and give better analysis and data mining, including the ability to preview 4D construction schedules.

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