BOXX offers AEC firms remote access to its overclocked workstations

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With BOXX Cloud Services (BCS) home workers can get 1:1 access to a high-performance desktop workstation using a standard laptop or desktop

BOXX Technologies has found a novel way to get its high-performance desktop workstations into the hands of customers during these challenging times of working from home. The company’s new BOXX Cloud Services (BCS) is a ‘secure, high-performance’ virtual private cloud workstation service that lets AEC firms access the workstations remotely from a standard laptop, desktop, thin client, zero client, or tablet using Teradici PCoIP technology.

The big difference to other cloud workstation services is that BCS is powered by professionally overclocked BOXX workstations. Customers get a dedicated one-to-one connection to a workstation with a high frequency CPU, which is important for CAD, and a Nvidia Quadro RTX GPU. In contrast, other cloud workstation services tend to use virtualised rack servers that feature CPUs with lots of cores, running at lower frequencies so they can support more than one user on a single machine.

BCS is a pay as you go service that can be scaled up or down. Firms can connect to their existing on-premise or cloud hosted storage solutions such as Panzura or Autodesk BIM 360.

“We’re going beyond the limitations of traditional virtualized infrastructure which relies on server-based technology,” said Shoaib Mohammad, VP of BOXX Cloud Services. “Unlike Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or cloud hosted solutions, which fail to address the high-performance needs of architects, engineers, product designers, and other CAD users, BCS provides custom, dedicated workstations inside a scalable data centre environment. It also allows you to extend your data centre with a pay-as-you-go model and without the complexities and upfront cost of building an onsite private cloud.”

After multiple attempts using other cloud services, Sheehan Nagle Hartray Architects (SNHA), a leading architectural firm with offices in Chicago and London, became an early adopter of BCS. “We tried a number of cloud-based solutions, but each was unsuccessful in meeting our needs,” said Oscar Medellin, BIM Manager, SNHA. “What separates BOXX Cloud Services from the rest is outstanding performance and service. BCS delivers higher performance to our architects while significantly lowering our IT burden. I can’t overstate the significance of that with employees working from home or the office.”

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