BIM Track NextGen Viewer

BIM Track NextGen Viewer out in beta

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BIM / VDC coordination and collaboration software developer claims it is the fastest web-based viewer on the market

BIM Track has launched the public beta of a NextGen Viewer for its BIM / VDC coordination and collaboration web platform.

According to the Canadian company, which is a part of the Newforma Holdings family, the viewer is fast-loading, lightweight, and allows users to activate many more models than before.

“The NextGen viewer is the fastest web-based viewer on the market and provides remarkably smooth 3D pivoting. It marks an important milestone on our product roadmap,” explains Carl Veillette, CPO at BIM Track.

BIM Track adds that the Viewer offers a ‘more intuitive user experience’ with a right-side panel designed to allow for easy referencing between sheets, models, and issues.

The Viewer also includes external URL support, so users can ‘quickly access’ outside issues directly in the viewer. Comments and issues can also be added directly to a model from inside the viewer.

BIM Track is a web-based issue tracking platform for BIM coordination. Issues can be questions, comments, clashes, RFIs, and more. The software can be used directly in Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures, Solibri, AutoCAD Civil 3D, its browser-based web platform and more.

The company also has a partnership with Enscape to bring issue management capabilities to the real-time rendering and VR tool



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