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Intel gets first Arc Pro GPU win with Lenovo

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Arc Pro A30M, the entry-level discrete laptop GPU, should give Lenovo ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation customers an alternative for less demanding graphics workflows, such as CAD and BIM

Lenovo has become the first major workstation vendor to offer a discrete Intel professional GPU in a mobile workstation.

The Lenovo ThinkPad P16 Gen 1 can now be configured with the Intel Arc Pro A30M (4GB), as an alternative to the standard Nvidia options, which range from the Nvidia RTX A1000 (4GB) up to the Nvidia RTX A5500 (16 GB).

The Intel Arc Pro A30M is an entry-level pro GPU, and is part of Intel’s much-anticipated entry to the world of discrete workstation graphics.

By offering the GPU in the powerful ThinkPad P16, it should give prospective buyers more choice for less demanding 2D and 3D workflows, such as CAD and BIM.

The Intel Arc Pro A30M also includes hardware accelerated ray tracing and hardware assisted AI (XeSS). On paper, this should make it suitable for ray trace rendering in applications that support Microsoft DX12 / DXR, and ray tracing using the Vulkan API. However, those who take design visualisation seriously will likely be better served by one of the higher-end Nvidia RTX GPUs.

For less demanding users, the Intel Arc Pro A30M does deliver considerable price savings.

On Lenovo’s UK website, configuring the ThinkPad P16 with the Intel GPU instead of the lowest cost Nvidia option – the Nvidia RTX A1000 (4GB) – will shave £183 off the price of the laptop. Selected instead of the Nvidia RTX A2000 (8GB) it will save £413.


This is a significant first step for Intel as it looks to take on Nvidia and AMD, who both have a strong pedigree in workstation GPUs.

We have yet to hear news of any major workstation vendor offering Intel’s desktop pro GPUs – the Intel Arc Pro A40 and Intel Arc Pro A50. However, with 13th Gen Intel Core ‘Raptor Lake’ CPUs rumoured to launch in Q4 2022, any announcements could coincide with the new desktop workstations that will certainly follow.

ThinkPad P16
Lenovo ThinkPad P16 mobile workstation


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