Generative design to help address risks of COVID-19

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Digital Blue Foam’s Covid Space Planner assesses the threat of exposure to virus in interior spaces

Digital Blue Foam is developing a tool to help address the risks associated with the use and occupancy of interior spaces due to COVID-19. Covid Space Planner analyses factors such as total occupancy and proximity, airflow and ventilation, and the duration of activity in the space. Based on these factors, the tool applies Digital Blue Foam’s generative design capabilities to recommend spatial planning strategies, such as the location of entry points, work areas, furniture placement, and retrofits, to mitigate the risk.

“With the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions in many countries, people will slowly begin to move back into communal spaces. Everyone will need to look at their environment and make critical judgments,” says Camiel Weijenberg, Digital Blue Foam.

“We are developing a tool which extends the capabilities of Digital Blue Foam to help business owners critically assess the risks based on factors of building volume, people, and airflow so they can design the safest and best strategy for their needs,” adds Sayjel Patel, Digital Blue Foam.

DBF is currently working on a free version which it intends to make available to small business owners during the pandemic. The Singapore-based company is in contact with experts in medicine, CFD analysis, and wayfinding to develop new capabilities around airflow simulation and risk assessment. The team is currently in discussions to develop a pilot project and looking to release a beta version for general use at a later date.

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