BIM Show Live reveals keynote speakers for Newcastle event

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26-27 February event will feature architect Oliver Heath; Radio 4 presenter Timandra Harkness; and American BIM expert Chris Tisdel

BIM Show Live has announced three of its four keynote speakers for its February event, which carries the theme of ‘BIM for Good’, touching on the topics of sustainability, ethics and putting people first.

Oliver Heath is an industry recognised expert and thought leader in biophilic design, sustainable architecture and interior design, striving to create human-centred spaces that are proven to benefit the health and wellbeing of building occupants. With a background in architecture, Oliver has spent 20 years working for the likes of BBC, ITV and Channel 4 promoting sustainability and wellbeing.

Timandra Harkness is a writer, speaker and comedian who presents BBC Radio 4’s series, FutureProofing. Her book, Big Data: Does Size Matter? was published by Bloomsbury Sigma in 2016 and in 2017 Timandra gave a TEDX talk titled What Is Knowledge In The Age Of Big Data? Timandra speaks with authority, intellectual rigour and humour to audiences about the future, Big Data, AI & robots, and other topics relating science and technology to the wider questions of human life.

Chris Tisdel is the Founder of Ruckus Innovation Consulting in America and has 25+ years of global experience as a designer, catalyst for innovation, strategic consultant, founder, and angel investor in design, engineering, and technology industries.

On top of the keynote speeches, BIM Show Live 2020 delegates will benefit from over 30 seminar sessions delivered by industry peers including Mikael Santrolli, BIM and Design Systems Coordinator at Foster and Partners; John Ford, BIM and Digital Delivery Lead at Galliford Try; and Hadeel Safaa Saadoon, BIM Manager at Coventry University. David Philp, Global BIM/MIC Consultancy Director at AECOM and Simon Rawlinson, Partner and Head of Strategic Research and Insight at Arcadis, will chair the two-day conference.

BIM Show Live will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne, 26-27 February 2020.


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