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Gravity Sketch steps out onto iPad for 3D Design

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The Gravity Sketch iPad app has been launched free on the Apple Store, building on the software’s recent cross-platform compatibility.

If you’ve used Gravity Sketch previously, then it’s probably been through a VR headset. However the move to make the concept design software platform-agnostic sees the brand move onto the iPad to bridge the skill of sketching in 2D with digital 3D creation.

Under the hood Gravity Sketch says that the application is identical to its VR variant, using the same geometry engine and incorporating the majority of the tools available through VR devices. The app can be used standalone or in conjunction with the Gravity Sketch VR app, utilising LandingPad as a bridge between the two, and allowing sketches started on either device, VR or iPad, to be opened and further worked on in the other.

Not all features in the VR app have been implemented in the iPad app yet, including SubD modelling, although the team describes the launch release as a ‘work in progress’ and is working on adding more abilities with future updates.

The key target for the new app is sketching on the go – lots of designers have replaced their paper pads for an iPad and Apple Pencil – making it a more prolific and accessible hardware platform than VR. The new app looks to add benefits to 2D sketching, creating 3D models that can be moved into a virtual design environment when needed.

“We don’t describe Gravity Sketch as a VR application, but instead, acknowledge that VR is a great way of accessing digital 3D design,” said Gravity Sketch CEO Oluwaseyi Sosanya.

“The majority of CAD and 3D design software packages have introduced layers of cumbersome user interface making for a slow rigid experience, which has been perpetuated over the past 30+ years. VR initially gave us a way to remove this barrier to entry. Our mission has always been to create a tool that can be accessed from any device anywhere in order to give users access to the 3D design the same way we have access to our email or documents.”

The Gravity Sketch iPad app is available now free via the Apple App Store.