SketchUp for iPad embraces reality capture

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New Scan-to-Design feature uses iPad Pro’s LiDAR scanner to capture as-builts

SketchUp for iPad can now take advantage of the iPad Pro’s LiDAR scanner to capture scans of buildings and transform the data it into ‘clean, organised 3D geometry’ as a starting point for conceptual design.

The new Scan-to-Design [Labs] feature uses a combination of Canvas scan technology, Apple RoomPlan technology and Trimble technology to capture interior and exterior spaces. Designers simply scan a room as if they were painting the walls, and choose whether to output textured 3D meshes that are created with Canvas scanning technology or create ‘simplified, untextured planes’ using Apple’s RoomPlan technology –or both.

Once the data has been captured designers can use SketchUp for iPad’s modelling tools to quickly visualize and iterate design options in 3D. For feedback, clients and other collaborators can use Apple Pencil to mark up the model. They can also immerse themselves in the design using augmented reality (AR).

For collaboration, designers can also use Trimble Connect to share designs in the cloud, allowing them to manage projects and teams and invite new collaborators to view 3D models using easy-to-share links.

“Designers want to capture complete as-built conditions quickly and easily without having to switch between multiple tools, and they need to share their conceptual designs with clients in a way that builds both excitement and trust,” said Mike Tadros, director of product management at Trimble.

“Scan-to-Design solves those needs by empowering designers to quickly capture a holistic view of a job site and provides a starting point for creating beautiful conceptual designs that can easily be shared with a client for immediate feedback.”

“Today’s designers are increasingly taxed with having to capture an enormous amount of detail, come up with beautiful designs that will ‘wow’ their clients, and communicate that in a way that easily facilitates feedback,” said Sumele Adelana, senior product marketing manager for Trimble SketchUp.


“Scan-to-Design drastically streamlines that workflow while also making it more visually appealing by enabling designers to easily capture, design, and collaborate – all in one app.”

Scan-to-Design is currently available as part of the SketchUp Labs Program, a public beta that allows SketchUp subscribers to try new features and provide feedback.

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