NEWS: Clarkson Alliance adopts BIDCON BIM

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Bidcon BIM will enable ‘faster, more accurate, lower-risk’ cost planning to support the BIM transition for Clarkson Alliance clients

Clarkson Alliance, a project delivery consultancy to the architectural and construction sectors, has selected Bidcon BIM from Elecosoft UK as its cost management platform for BIM related cost information.

The product will help support the development of the company’s new cost consulting services, that form part of the company’s strategic aim to align around BIM and deliver project management and cost management services that help ease its clients’ own transitions to BIM.

“Our new cost consulting service allows customers to bring project data to us in any form – either traditional or from a BIM model – and we can work with them to deliver consistent, reliable cost plans,” explains David Chapell, Head of Cost Management at Clarkson Alliance. “This is particularly useful to architects and designers who don’t want to be slowed down when they are creating models. Information needs to be produced in a useful format whatever software they choose to use. We knew that fully integrated cost management for BIM projects would be essential – and Bidcon BIM was an easy choice.”

Bidcon BIM will enable Clarkson Alliance to investigate the models generated by architects visually and take off quantities to Bidcon. According to the developer, Elecosoft UK, it supports development of cost plans at every stage of the RIBA and NBS digital plan of works for BIM. Elecosoft UK says the ability to work more efficiently and to develop consistent processes will also help Clarkson Alliance improve cost certainty whilst being able to adapt and respond to project changes fluidly.

The new cost consulting division will use Bidcon BIM to help it design templates, standardise processes and apply rigorous quality management principles to its cost planning and management services.

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