CBT Architects maintains Revit model health

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Ideate Explorer aids in model management and allows CBT to quickly identify where issues may be

CBT Architects, a leading design firm that focuses on local, national and international projects in architecture, interior design and urban design, is using Ideate Explorer to keep its Revit models clean and accurate by finding, editing and deleting elements; viewing all elements in a Revit model; and auditing Revit warnings.

“Ideate Explorer give us deeper insight into Revit model elements and allows for enhanced selection options,” said William Paquette, CBT Design Technology Team. “This significantly aids in model management, allowing us to quickly identify where issues may be and areas that can be cleaned up.”

Paquette recalls one instance where information had been bound into a model, which meant the phasing and workset information had been lost. “Working with a script we made to assign the phase created or demolished and the worksets the original element lived on, we aligned those things in the model after the fact by selecting that set and changing that property,” he said. “In one instance, Ideate Explorer told me that I selected 600 elements that were original conditions, but by narrowing the search with Ideate Query, we could see that 173 were actually new construction. We easily fixed it.”



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