NEWS: Advanced Solutions to support ‘Lifecycle BIM’

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US firm brings in partners to provide a ‘Comprehensive Solution’ for Facilities Management

Advanced Solutions is looking to help firms streamline the flow of information and provide better data to building owners and operators for improved Facilities Management.

The US-based Autodesk Platinum Partner has partnered with Codebook International, Brockwell IT Consulting, and Ecodomus to deliver what it calls Lifecycle BIM – moving BIM beyond the planning and design phase of a project, with the help of GIS, data management, and facility management software.

“Advanced Solutions prides itself on our innovative software solutions and high quality consulting services,” says Michael Golway, Advanced Solutions President and CEO. “Lifecycle BIM offers a key value proposition and service to owners, general contractors and all consultants in a project.”

Andy Hamer, CodeBook International CEO, added, “Through Advanced Solutions, CodeBook will now be expanding its professional collaboration on key projects across the United States.”The CodeBook Data Management application manages building information from project inception through to facility management after project completion. Working with industry standard CAD and BIM tools, CodeBook links to models, shares data, and gives rapid, detailed reports and validations throughout the design and construction phases of a project. On completion, the building owner takes possession of a detailed, room-by-room, information database linked to the 3D building model.

Brockwell IT Consulting specialises in geospatial asset management and design systems for utilities, providing solutions for infrastructure design, planning and management, as well as geospatial design. President and CTO of Brockwell IT Consulting, Stephen Brockwell stated, “Their [Advanced Solutions] Lifecycle BIM approach provides customers with seamless integration of all the necessary data inside the building and the critical infrastructure outside it. Brockwell IT Consulting aims to improve the ability to serve our clients and theirs.”

Another partner in the Lifecycle BIM cache, Ecodomus software will provide a 3D view of facilities in what is described as an easy-to-use format for facility managers that links BIM with real-time facility operations data acquired via meters & sensors (Building Automation Systems, BAS) and facility management (FM) software.

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