NEWS: AECOM adopts 3D/BIM and 2D estimating software

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Global firm takes on Exactal’s CostX for international quantity surveying software roll-out

AECOM (incorporating Davis Langdon and Davis Langdon KPK) has adopted Exactal’s CostX software as its principal measurement and estimating platform within the company’s Program, Cost, Consultancy businesses around the world.

CostX allows users to undertake 2D and 3D BIM measurement in a single integrated system and also support interoperability with live links between the drawing files and estimating workbooks.

The software will allow AECOM to provide more accurate advice to its clients and ensure its global offices can communicate more easily. Additionally, with new extensions recently added into CostX, AECOM will be able to ‘seamlessly migrate’ all data from its old systems into the CostX database.

Exactal CEO Mark Kefford states, “The adoption of CostX globally by AECOM is an important strategic agreement for Exactal and we are committed to ensuring the success of their rollout around the world. AECOM’s choice of CostX validates our continued investment in developing our product range to address real world 5D requirements. We look forward to releasing further innovations in our product line in the future.”

“CostX’s ability to link to our other systems, in particular our Global Unite tool, will enable us to further develop our intellectual property that allows us to give better advice to our clients at the inception of their projects,” added Mark Prior, the chairman of AECOM’s Program, Cost, Consultancy’s Global Leadership Council.

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