NEWS: Dell releases 1U remote workstation with 1:1 connection

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Dell Precision 3930 puts virtualisation to one side and focuses on cost and ease of deployment

Dell is going back to basics for its remote workstations with a new 1U model that designers, engineers and architects can access over a 1:1 connection.

The new Dell Precision 3930 Rack is designed to give firms all the benefits of having workstations in the datacenter — data security, remote access, reduced desk clutter, etc — without getting involved in the complexities and cost of graphics virtualisation.

The 1:1 connection means each rack workstation is used only by one designer at any one time – from the office, at home or on site – rather than being shared as is the case with a virtualised workstation. As all the processing, including graphics, is done in the data center on the remote workstation, the client device can be low-powered, such as a standard laptop, zero client or even a smart phone.

The Dell Precision 3930 Rack is based on Dell’s new entry-level Precision 3630 Tower and features Intel Xeon E-2100 CPUs up to 6 cores and up to 64GB RAM. With a bigger Power Supply Unit (PSU), however, it can go all the way up to the ultra-high-end Nvidia Quadro P6000 graphics. Dell also offers a range of more affordable GPUs, both Nvidia Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro.

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