NEWS: HP developing remote graphics client for Mac

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Free software will allow CAD users to access their HP Z Workstation remotely using a MacBook

For some years now HP has bundled its HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) free with its HP Z Workstations.

The idea is that it allows users to access their high-performance desktop workstation from a remote location. As all of the processing is done locally (on the HP workstation) and only pixel data is streamed to the end point, it means the client software can run on relatively low powered hardware, including tablets.

Until now, the HP RGS client software has only been available for Windows or Linux but HP has just announced it is developing a new version for Mac OS X.

This means you will able to run a powerful CAD application like Revit on a highly portable MacBook from home or at a client’s office, as long as you have a low latency, high-bandwidth Internet connection in place.

HP says that, when connected to a fully loaded HP Z840 Workstation, it is like upgrading your Mac with up to 9x the processing cores, 30x the memory and adding professional Nvidia Quadro graphics.

HP RGS also has benefits for collaboration, allowing distributed teams to ‘instantly’ review projects with live screen sharing of CAD applications.


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