NEWS: Scan introduces workstation rental program

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3D CAD and design viz workstations can handle project peaks and troughs. Prices start at £89 per month

Bolton-based Scan, a specialist in overclocked workstations, is making its Scan 3XS Pro Graphics workstations available to hire.

Business customers can rent any number of machines on a monthly basis, for up to 12 months. At the end of the rental period there is the option to buy the workstation at a discount or upgrade to a new workstation to take advantage of the latest technology.

All of Scan’s workstations are fully configurable, with typical 3D CAD workstation rental agreement starting from around £89 plus VAT per month and a typical ‘design viz’ workstation rental agreement starting from around £119 plus VAT per month.

Scan says its workstation rental program gives flexibility, allowing customers to increase processing power when they have a special project that requires a fast turn-around.

Scan is not the only company in the UK offering workstations for rent. CADHireUK (part of Adris) offers HP workstations and monitors for hire, which can be pre-loaded with Autodesk software to support manufacturing and construction projects.

Frame also offers ‘virtual workstations’ to rent, which run inside a web browser on pretty much any device. Users only pay for the hours they use and the capabilities of the virtual workstation (think CPU cores, GPU, memory and storage).


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