NEWS: automated stockpile volume monitoring

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3D Laser Mapping automates volume measurement of stockpiles for mining industry

SiteMonitorSV is the latest addition to 3D Laser Mapping’s suite of SiteMonitor solutions, combines advanced 3D laser scanning technology with software to provide up to date inventory that reflects current stock levels.

Volume measurements require regular surveys of the same area followed by a comparison to a reference plane or surface, which through conventional methods is resource intensive and therefore costly. The automation enabled through the SiteMonitorSV system is designed to allow repetitive daily, weekly or monthly volume surveys of stockpiles to be completed faster than when using traditional survey methods.

“One of the great things about this as a solution is its versatility – SiteMonitorSV can be mounted on conveyor structures, light poles or any existing infrastructure,” says Dean Polley, Regional Director for Africa at 3D Laser Mapping. “It really is a cost effective, low maintenance and easy to use solution.

“The visual representation resulting from multiple scanners working together makes SiteMonitorSV easy to measure and manage stockpile volumes, creating an accurate inventory”.

The system, which uses a multi-axis laser architecture to generate an accurate point cloud will capture the full range of information and regularly updates itself to help ensure an accurate record of stock and movement.


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