NEWS: Viewpoint introduces new desktop collaboration tool

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Viewpoint For Projects Desktop streamlines access to cloud-based document control solution

Cloud-based document control solution, Viewpoint For Projects, now offers a new Windows application – Viewpoint For Projects Desktop. The software lets users access project documents and drawings from Windows Explorer – just like a network drive – with workflows, ‘ball-in-court’ visibility and audit capabilities.

Viewpoint For Projects Desktop is designed to do away with file duplication – creating documents in one location, then uploading to another location to collaborate.

In addition, as long as the editing program is available on the desktop, users can create new or revise existing documents and drawings in their editor of choice, then save-as directly to Viewpoint For Projects.

Viewpoint For Projects Desktop also allows users to work offline in an area with limited or no internet connectivity and still have access to all information held in Viewpoint For Projects.

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