Nvidia announces ‘Pascal’ Quadro GPUs for mobile workstations

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Quadro P4000 and Quadro P5000 are ‘VR Ready’ with performance close to desktop GPUs

Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI and Fujitsu are all in the process of launching Intel ‘Kaby Lake’ mobile workstations with new ‘Pascal’-based Quadro GPUs. This includes the Dell Precision 7720, which has a 17.3-inch display.

Nvidia has introduced three models – the Quadro P3000 (6GB GDDR5), Quadro P4000 (8GB GDDR5) and Quadro P5000 (16GB GDDR5). The 100W Quadro P4000 and 100W Quadro P5000 are both ‘VR Ready’, paving the way for a wave of mobile workstations that are powerful enough to run professional Virtual Reality applications.

Previously, Nvidia only had one ‘VR Ready’ mobile Quadro GPU, the Quadro M5500, but because of its 150W max power consumption it was only available in mobile workstations from select manufacturers, including MSI.

Nvidia has also launched four new Maxwell GPUs for ‘Kaby Lake’ mobile workstations, the Quadro M2200 (4GB GDDR5), Quadro M1200 (4GB GDDR5), Quadro M620 (2GB GDDR5) and Quadro M520 (1GB GDDR5).

Nvidia has dropped the ‘M’ suffix from all its mobile Quadro GPUs. An Nvidia spokesperson told DEVELOP3D that this is because the mobile GPUs are now really close to the desktop GPUs in terms of performance.

See the full line up.


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