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PlanRadar Connect enhances integration with third party apps

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Digital construction project management software’s PlanRadar Connect functionality set to improve software automation without need for coding

PlanRadar has enhanced its digital construction project management platform to make it easier to sync with third party applications and automate work processes without the need for complex coding.

The new PlanRadar Connect comes with 200+ pre-built connectors for applications / platforms including Outlook, Dropbox, Jira, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

According to PlanRadar, the new integration will help save time, improve work rate and accuracy whilst avoiding performance-damaging data silos. The company states that it will also help drive greater levels of communication and collaboration between teams, creating a ‘water-tight’ audit trail of decision-making in the process.

“As the construction industry continues to evolve within the digital age, finding effective ways to automate work processes has become crucial to improving project delivery and business performance. This has been the catalyst for PlanRadar Connect,” said Ibrahim Imam, PlanRadar co-founder and co-CEO.

“We want to enhance interoperability, removing the barriers of incompatibility that come with using multiple tech systems, creating inconsistencies in data and adding extra work through process duplication.

“By creating an easy way to interlace with the existing technology, companies can work smarter and achieve a greater level of accuracy when it comes to harnessing data. It’s a more joined-up approach and something the wider industry should be striving for.”

PlanRadar recent received a $69 million ‘Series B’ round of investment to help boost its R&D capabilities and fund a new tech hub dedicated to product innovation.



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