NEWS: Solibri Model Checker v9.5 for BIM model QA

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Software includes ‘streamlined workflow collaboration’ and ‘refined model checking’, say the developers

Solibri Model Checker (SMC) v9.5, the latest release of the BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control software, is said to deliver improved project collaboration and support for remote workers.

The new release features new ruleset templates, improved rules and enhanced design coordination. The filtering of non-critical issues is also easier, say the developers, with an enhanced BIM component understanding within the software. For example, in the early phases of structural checking requirements, Solibri says the enhanced filtering capabilities mean significant time savings and a more efficient workflow.

SMC v9.5 is said to offer full BCF 2.0 support, including integration between external BCF servers (e.g. KUBUS’ BIMcollab) with the BCF Connection Extension. Users can identify and isolate issues, then create presentations with SMC that can be shared online within the design or construction team. Solibri says, gone are the days where multiple emails between team members were required to manage each issue – a full audit trail with improved issue management will become the norm.

SMC also offers full support for the latest generation of interactive SMART Boards and supports Citrix version XD 7.5. Team members can now physically work on the same model with touch screen gestures or remotely use SMC with Citrix technology.

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