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Veesus launches cloud subscription for point clouds

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Subscription service includes cloud storage, point cloud streaming, and access to point cloud visualisation and editing software, including plug-ins for Revit, Rhino and Solidworks

Point cloud software specialist Veesus has introduced a new subscription service that allows its customers to store scan data in its Zappcha Cloud and stream point cloud files to end devices.

The subscription service also gives users access to multiple applications: Arena4D, Veesus’ flagship point cloud visualisation, editing and animation software, as well as dedicated plug-ins for Revit, Rhino, and Solidworks that enable users to work with point cloud data natively in their CAD/BIM tool of choice.

“Finally, professionals can work with point cloud data with the same freedom and flexibility they would work with any other kind of file,” says Mark Estcourt, managing director of Veesus.

“Working from home, working on site, working on the move – all these things are made so much easier using the Zappcha Cloud. It reduces reliance on physical media like portable hard drives to share point cloud files (and their associated postage costs), and means that multiple teams can use the same point cloud as the basis for their work, instead of copying a massive file multiple times.”

Mark Christy, technical director at Veesus, adds, “As the size and density of point cloud data continues to grow, most point cloud streaming solutions will struggle to keep up. Our VPC files and the XStreamEngine that powers our software give users a genuine streaming experience, regardless of the size and density of the point cloud data they work with.”

Veesus’ subscription offering consists of four tiers, including a free tier that offers a ‘lite’ version of each app. Subsequent tiers give users access to the full version of each tool, as well as more storage space for scans, and additional users. Subscriptions are paid monthly, and can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time. According to Veesus, they are also cheaper for the majority of users than the old licenses were.

Veesus’ point cloud software is also fully compatible with Zappcha, its scanning app for LiDAR-enabled iOS devices. Users can capture a scan using Zappcha, save it to the Zappcha Cloud, and then use that data in Revit, Rhino or Solidworks via the plug-ins.



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