NEWS: Vabi Software rebrands as Xinaps

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Developer promises to enrich drawing solutions for AEC professionals with intuitive plug-ins for Revit

Vabi Software, the developer of Revit plug-ins for architects, has changed its name to Xinaps.

The team at Xinaps will continue development of its building model checking plug-ins, adding two new apps and a number of upgrades in 2016. This will build on the foundation of five apps that were launched in 2015.

Free 30-day trials of the Xinaps Revit add-ons can be downloaded from Xinaps or from the Autodesk Exchange Store.

These include the Xinaps Daylight Ratio Evaluator, which is designed to automate daylight requirement checking for building rooms via status checks of daylight area ratios within a BIM model and the Xinaps Spatial Requirements Assistant, which continually checks that all functional building requirements are met as different design options are investigated.

Meanwhile, read our overview of the Xinaps Revit apps.

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