Design-build specialist Southland adopts cloud workstations

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Firm increases ‘flexibility, productivity and scalability’ using Workspot Cloud Workstations delivered through Microsoft Azure

Southland Industries, one of the largest design-build firms in the US, has deployed Workspot Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Workspot GPU cloud workstations will enable hundreds of the firm’s CAD and BIM experts to use GPU-intensive apps ‘anywhere’ and collaborate in real time on complex 3D designs. According to Workspot, the ability to scale the solution in minutes brings the agility Southland Industries needs to hire the best talent and pursue new business opportunities, regardless of location.

Prior to adopting Southland realised that continuing to replicate multi-terabytes of data across multiple branch offices for geographically dispersed teams was prohibitively expensive and unsustainable. There also was high risk of design overwrites, leading to costly project rework. The firm realised it needed a common data environment for collaboration and a unified platform for optimising joint ventures.

With Workspot, Southland’s CAD engineers and BIM managers access a GPU cloud workstation and project data in the Azure region closest to them.

“Southland has tested many traditional VDI solutions,” said Israel Sumano, senior director of infrastructure services, Southland. “Workspot brought ease of use to a solution that has been very cumbersome in the past. The GPU cloud workstations can be deployed in any Azure around the world, which delivers stellar performance to our power users. Now, we can hire talent from anywhere and scale rapidly.”



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