NEWS: BOXX adds remote capabiity to powerful 3D workstations

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Teradici’s PCoIP Workstation Access Software to give users of CAD and BIM tools remote access to 3D BOXX workstations.

BOXX has become the second workstation manufacturer to sell Teradici’s PCoIP Workstation Access Software. The Austin based firm joins Dell who has been promoting the remote workstation technology alongside its Precision Tower workstations since late 2014.

Teradici’s Workstation Access Software is a purpose built tool that uses the established PCoIP protocol to add a remote access capability to 3D CAD desktop workstations, on demand. Unlike the company’s PCIe host cards, which provide dedicated hardware for compressing, encrypting and sending IP packets over a network, the new Workstation Access Software does everything in software.

The software is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in architecture, construction, engineering and manufacturing with limited IT resources, as well as departmental deployments in enterprises of any size.

Teradici refers to this latest BOXX deal as the next phase of its global rollout of PCoIP Workstation Access Software. We expect to see more manufacturers come on board in the coming months.

Meanwhile, to find out more about the technology, read our in-depth report.

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