NavVis VLX 2nd generation

NavVis VLX 2nd generation launches

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Mobile mapping system now optimised for outdoor environments

NavVis has launched NavVis VLX 2nd generation, a new iteration of its flagship mobile mapping system optimised for scanning both indoor and outdoor environments.

One of the main advancements is that the new system is more robust in outdoor environments and busy locations like a construction site. According to NavVis, users needn’t be concerned about an unexpected shower of rain, or dust at the location.

“Previously, we positioned our devices for indoor scanning,” says Georg Schroth, Chief Technology Officer at NavVis, “but since we launched the original NavVis VLX we realized the need of our customers to mature the device towards real outdoor readiness.”

“They asked, and we’ve delivered,” he continues. “With NavVis VLX 2nd generation, reality capture specialists can go anywhere the project requires, whether it’s a construction site or a refinery, a factory or an office.”

NavVis VLX 2nd generation also features a carbon-fibre frame that is strong and light, reducing overall weight while still withstanding the rigors of fieldwork. Added grips and redesigned shoulder pads are said to make the device more comfortable to handle and operate than ever before. And with a new design transport case, NavVis VLX can be checked as luggage for air travel.

For what NavVis describes as ‘reliable, survey-grade accuracy’, NavVis VLX 2nd generation is powered by precision SLAM technology to generate high-quality point clouds of buildings and assets. The algorithm has been improved to make it more robust, especially in outdoor environments with plants and trees.

NavVis VLX 2nd generation is ‘seamlessly integrated’ with NavVis IVION, a platform for spatial data which launched earlier this year.



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